The Hidden Secret
Gospel was God’s Secret hidden in the Scriptures.

Christ calls and reveals the secret
Christ called the disciples and apostles and revealed the Gospel to them and to the world.

Christ calls it the mother of all treasures
Christ spoke of it in terms of a priceless treasure which one finds and sells everything to possess it. It is priceless above anything of value in this world.

The treasures of the Gospel
Gospel contains a treasure trove of blessings! it brings fullness of life, spirit, empowerment, fullness of joy, light and healing and countless blessings– above all –eternal life, the gift of God Himself.

The key to the blessings
If you obey what I say you will know the truth! Jn. 8:31; my Father and I will come and live with you! Jn. 14:23

The Commission
Christ sent the disciples and apostles and disciples to share it with the world!

A prophet to the nations
“Before you were born, I selected you to be a prophet to the nations” Jer. 1:5 The Lord had been teaching me many marvelous things about the Gospel. I had been writing it down and am publishing it in book form through Amazon. I had been serving the Gospel as a Priest for almost 41 years among the Catholics. I have received the call to share the Gospel blessings with everyone all traditions!

GTFA is thus born
Gogtfa.com is a place where you can find the teaching of the Gospel without being contaminated by any traditional bias and enjoy its blessings as I have come to. Welcome!