Our Faith in God is a Gift

As a young man I was confused about God. I was looking for proofs for the existence of God. Search for God in books, in history, in theology, led me to losing my faith. It was a good thing. I had reduced God as the conclusion of a syllogism or argument. He was really a living person at work in human history and in our lives! “Aren’t five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one sparrow is forgotten by God. Even the hairs on your head have been counted. So do not be afraid; you are worth more than the sparrows.” (Lk.12: 6-7)The Lord gave me a lesson on faith by taking my faith away. Whatever I did, to regain it, was of no use. It was God’s way of teaching me that our faith is a gift of God, gift of revelation.

God was at work in His people. He therefore called them his witnesses. (Is. 43:10) I was looking for proofs, when I was the Proof, for God is at work in me and in you, through our faith.(1 Thess. 2: 13) It was when I sought him in my heart, in my problems, challenges, hopes and plans, and in his promises of blessings that he came alive. That faith is growing day by day.

Gift of Revelation

The awesome God of the galaxies is beyond human comprehension. At a time when people worshiped the different elements of nature, God revealed himself as the only, eternal Living God at work, especially in His people. They therefore, write their story in the Bible, as the story of the Living God. Filled with the Holy Spirit, Jesus thanked God for revealing the mysteries of the kingdom to ordinary people. (Lk.10:21)

God speaks to you

God spoke through the prophets, through His Son and he continues to speak to all of us through His Spirit. (Mt.10:20) God speaks to us in thousand and one ways, through what comes out of our mouth, through the smile of a person….People went to Moses to know the word of God for different situations for he alone had the spirit. But it came out of his mouth prophetically that God would give the Spirit to everyone. God did as he has poured out his Spirit on all of us. We could not even confess Jesus as Lord without the Spirit. (1 Cor. 12:3) Be sensitive to the Spirit speaking to you in a world when we hear thousand and one worldly voices!

When I was told that I was to come to the US, I started having dreams about mountains and snow. I was asked to go to work in the diocese of Stockton, California. I had no idea if it snowed there or not. I was given a computer to work on my book on Prayer which had the National Forest, Yosemite as its screen saver. I had no idea what it was. But my first assignment in the diocese of Stockton was to Mount Carnell Mission in Groveland, CA.

It is close to Yosemite and there was snow on the day I went there for the first time. I then realized that it was God showing me where he was going to post me.

God is Love/Gracious

Coming from the state of Kerala, India, which has an ancient art form in which the actors come to the stage and start criticizing everyone in the society, I inherited a negative attitude to life. Such an attitude can make one frustrated at everything as you see only the bad side of everything. I told myself one day: ‘should I go through this short life looking at the bad side of everything and be sad and frustrated or at the good side of things and be happy.’ I said, ‘I choose to be happy.’

Though I had taken as a moment of personal choice and decision, it was a moment of revelation of God’s love in everything. It is the light of the Holy Spirit that enables us to see everything as coming from God. It thus fills us with joy and praise.

God is gracious

Time and again Moses told his people that it was not because they were great that he chose them, but that because he is faithful to his promises that he chose them and blessed them. (Dt.7: 7-8) Apostles too remind us that it was because of his grace and mercy that he chose us and called us and poured out his blessings on us. (1Jn. 4: 9-10) “He has brought us by faith into this experience of God’s grace in which we now live.” (Rom. 5: 2)

God is at work in our lives

It is God who has revealed Christ and the mysteries of our salvation in Christ. (Col. 1:26-28) He has given as a new birth through the spirit and baptism. (Jn. 3: 5-8) He has called us a new life with Christ. (Col. 2:13, 3:1) Not even a hair falls to the ground without his consent. God is at work in us who believe. He has not just revealed himself and his Son and left us at that. He is indeed at work every day of our lives.

We share in the faith of Lord Jesus in God the Father

Our life and faith is the same as that of our Lord and savior. He has called us to share in his life and glory.

Believers of God’s Love/Grace

After defining God as love, John adds, we know and believe the love God has for us. 1Jn. 1: 17

This enables us to go through difficult times and situations that God will turn everything for our good. (Rom. 8: 28)

The Grace of God

How to have an encounter with God

Our faith is a gift. The Lord has taught us that gifts or talents if buried, we lose them; when you live it, you will see an increase in it. It is so true of the gift of faith. Walk with him who dwells in you in spirit.

There is yet another way: God has made many promises of blessings for us. Believe and obey those promises or live by those promises and you will see God revealing his presence to you more and more.

Some of the promises are:

  • if you believe you will receive whatever you ask for. (Mt. 21: 22)
  • if you ask anything in my name you will receive it. (Jn. 14: 14)
  • If two of you agree on anything you pray for, you will receive.” (Mt. 19: 20-21)
  • When you ask and pray, think that you have already received and it will be done for you.” Mk. 11: 24)
  • If you obey what I say you may ask for anything you wish and it will be done for you.” ( )

God is spirit and spirit as the Lord has taught us is like wind. We know it from the effects. So too you will became aware of His Presence through the effects in your life.

God’s gift of a savior for our journey/ the visible image of the invincible God

God’s ultimate gift to us is Himself and His Son (Jn. 3: 16)

He has provided a Savior for our journey. We are never alone. The Lord spoke of talents or gifts that if we do not use them, we shall lose them. So too, if we walk with Him, we shall see him grow in us!


There is so much of theological junk out there. We have in the Gospels all that we need to know. As the Lord said to those who believed in the Gospels, now try to live or practice it and you will know the truth. (Jn. 8: 31)