A psychiatrist friend once told me that she prays all the time! I have heard many say that they pray the fifteen decades of the Rosary every day. There are those who pray or meditate both morning and evening. There are those who pray at different times of the day. I once saw a video of dynamic meditation that looked crazy. What is common in all the different answers on prayer both Christian and non-Christian is that it is all about me or you praying.

The uniqueness of Prayer as taught by Christ

But the unique genius of Christ’s Prayer as he has taught us in the Gospels is that it is about God praying within us through the power of his Spirit, twenty four seven! It is initiated by God and is sustained by Him. We then start responding to him in faith, love, hope, praise, reliance, watchfulness and humble spirit. It, therefore, is a dialogue. The Lord’s Prayer is our response to God’s love at work in our daily life. This prayer which we know as praying in the Spirit has no limit of time or space. This is the uniqueness and the genius of Christ’s Prayer!

How do you get this gift?

I can only speak from my personal experience. I had tried everything in prayer, be it fixed forms of prayer, meditation, meditation techniques, concentration, yoga, vipasana. I attended a seminar in India, called, The Praying Seminar. We were introduced into all that is going on in the world of prayer. Believe me; I stopped praying altogether after all these techniques.

It was when I started relying upon the power of God, the power of God’s Spirit in every little thing that I did day to day, that the Spirit took over my life. It is an amazing experience! I believe everyone can experience it, if only one opens up to the work of God’s grace and power.

The world does not know the Spirit

The once told his disciples that the world does not know the Spirit. The world looks at everything with its own eye. As the daily life unfolds, the Spirit shows everything as the work of God’s love and so you are filled with praise and thanks. From a worldly point of view those things are just natural occurrences. Even those people who hurt you become blessings as you see them as blessings to help you grow in perfect love.


There are institutes and universities devoted to teaching prayer. There are people who take doctorates in Prayer. There are volumes written on prayer that it can fill many libraries. There are systems of prayer developed by different masters.

But the simple truth about our amazing Living God and Lord is that he invites everyone to a dialogue and fellowship, even the ordinary simple person on the street. Such is the graciousness of God. You just open yourself to the power of God and you will see the difference yourself.

A note about the Evil One

My faith in him is a sharing in the faith of the Lord Jesus. Every time he appears in the Scriptures, we find him putting you in the pedestal. He told the First Parents that they would be great; he told Jesus that he would have everything going well for him. He has done the same thing with respect to prayer as we saw in the beginning: I pray all the time!

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