God speaks to you

This book is born out of my own personal experience of the amazing discovery of the power of the Word of God, especially the Gospel, as a source blessings and Spirit. It is gold mine of blessings especially the gift of God himself. This book will help you to tap into those blessings.

This book will help you to see the Living God at work in your lives through the gift of faith and the Spirit. The knowledge of God’s hand in different situations will bring tremendous healing and strength.

Christ, God’s priceless gift to you

This is about the Gift of a Savior for you and the word. Apostle Paul calls him the priceless gift (2 Cor. 9: 15) Simon Peter adds that though we do not see him, yet rejoice with a joy that words cannot express. (1Pet.1:9) Christ is alive and continues to minister to you and the world. Your faith and the spirit is the sign of his presence. God has raised you a life with Christ.  His companionship will make the difference in your journey as it has in mine.      When the Lord Jesus was preaching the Gospel, many did not take him seriously because he did not belong to the teaching class. He was an ordinary carpenter. The Lord would remind them of the three of the treasures of the Jewish faith: the Law (Dt. 33: 4), the Temple, (Ezek. 7: 22) and the Promises of God. (Ps. 119: 162). He would tell them that there was a greater treasure greater than the temple, or Solomon who was called to teach the Law, or Jonah, the prophets through whom the God’s promises came. He would add that it is a hidden treasure, hidden from many. The greatest thing that has happened in human history is the revelation of the secret of the Gospel and the gift of a personal savior for our journey of life!!!

The power of the Holy Spirit in you

You will discover the hidden power in you, the power of the Holy Spirit. It is called variously as gift, help, helper, power… Once you believe in Him and use his power in everything, you will see the Lord lift you up on eagle’s wings! The light of the Holy Spirit is an amazing source of healing in you. And you will hear God speak to you through the Spirit. The spirit will reveal everything, including the challenges as gifts and so you will be filled with a new and perfect joy, praise and worship.

You are called to experience the full life in Christ

Our life in this world is an amazing one. We are surrounded by amazing blessings. God is inviting us in Christ to experience God himself in the present life and the life to come. He is inviting you to that fullness of life that he promised in Christ.

God is at work in you who believe (1Thes. 2:13)

I was born and brought up a Catholic in India. My spiritual life as a boy was centered on daily mass and the family rosary. I served at the altar. I have four sisters. They saw to it that I was always at the receiving end as far as the parents disciplining is concerned. They knew to cry and act victims and it worked well with the parents. And so when monks came looking for vocations I  seized the opportunity to get away from the sisters because my butt was burning as in the case of the burning bush of Moses. But it is amazing how God works in our lives. I never knew that God was inviting for something amazing in my life as it happened with Moses.

I was in an artificial, cloistered set up to practice and live the perfect Christian life! This set up, gave, at long last, an insight, that what the Lord Jesus offers us in the Gospel is an amazing power to live life anywhere and face any and every challenges of life.

The only and greatest Teacher and Guru for you, Christ

I was introduced into every spiritual master available, both Christian and non Christian, given my Indian background. I was introduced into every spiritual tradition, forms of prayer and meditation. But the truth is that one can become tired of such methods and forms of prayer and contemplation. One can become so busy with one life cares that you cannot cope up with them. In my case I stopped praying altogether. The pull of this amazing world was too much to ignore. But the truth is that, what the Lord offers for everyone, including an ordinary illiterate person on the streets, is a personal experience of God and the Lord here in the midst of our blessings and cares, of this busy life of ours. Christ not only teaches but gives the spirit of what he teaches as well. He lives and reigns, that is, he continues to serve forever, till the end of times.

The pull of this amazing world was too much to ignore. But the truth is that, what the Lord offers for everyone, including an ordinary illiterate person on the streets, is a personal experience of God and the Lord here in the midst of our blessings and cares, of this busy life of ours. Christ not only teaches but gives the spirit of what he teaches as well. He lives and reigns, that is, he continues to serve forever, till the end of times.

The valley of bones

God showed prophet Ezekiel the state of his people through the vision of the valley of bones. The people of God were asked to listen to the word of God and they did come to life. There was revival in Samaria when Philip preached the Gospel; there was revival in the Gentile city of Nineveh when Jonah preached the word. There happened a revival and renewal in me when I not only believed the Word of God, but began to obey it or live by it!!! Believe and obey therefore, is the key that the ascending Lord told his disciples as his parting message. (Jn. 8: 31; Mt. 28: 19-20; Rom. 16: 26) The following pages will help you and bring you closer to the Word as the source of life and Spirit.

I am a man of unclean spirit

When God’s revelation came to him, Prophet Isaiah became aware of his own weaknesses. The mighty apostle Paul too became aware of his sinfulness that God blessed him with many extraordinary gifts and revelations. What it goes to show is God’s grace at work in you and in me.


            Prophet Isaiah spoke of the Descendant of David as having the keys of office. (Is. 22: 22)The Lord told Apostle Simon Peter, the leader of the apostles and disciples, “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven.” (Mt. 16: 19) Apostle Paul wrote about the Lord as the key to all the hidden treasures of God’s knowledge and wisdom. (Col. 2: 3) Apostle John was given the revelation about Christ: He has the key that belonged to David, and when he opens a door, no one can close it, and when he closes, no one can open it.” (Rev. 3: 7) Speaking about the role of the teachers of the Book of Law, the Lord told them that they hold the keys that open the door to the house of knowledge. (Lk. 11: 52)

This book is one of the first of the series Ion the different keys that Christ gives us: the seven keys to revival and renewal; the keys to a full life with God through Christ (six volumes); and the seven keys to prayer.


I was a Carmelite Priest. One of the reasons why I joined the Carmelites was that it both contemplative and active. A true contemplative turns everything into prayer. As a Carmelite I was exposed to two masters of Christian mysticism: St. Theresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross. I did my best to practice their method of prayer. I soon realized that it was not for me. Coming from India, I was exposed to the Indian tradition of mysticism and yoga. I even wanted to go to the Himalayas and be a yogi or sanyasi. Bit good sense prevailed: if contemplation was possible only in the Himalayas, the whole world would have to go the Himalayas! What is required is to bring the Himalayas into your heart!

I was exposed, besides, to all sorts of prayer forms in both Christian and non Christian traditions. I attended a prayer seminar in Bangalore, India which was all about the different forms of prayer. But to be honest, after all these searches, I stopped praying altogether.

But then something happened. I had been working in our mission in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. It was a flourishing mission. From 4000 members it grew into 40000 members in fifteen years. The people who embraced Catholicism were the poorest and of the lowest social ladder: Those whom Mahatma Gandhi called the Harijans- People of God. Most of our missionary efforts were concentrated on social and economic uplift of our people. We had to learn a new language. We depended on the Catechist who knew only to teach catechism, say the prayers and teach songs. Since the priest could not cover say thirty villages in his care every week, we depended on the Catechists. They however did not know to preach the word of God. But once money and social benefits stopped coming, they stopped coming to the church as well. The complaint from the elders of the villages was that the protestant pastors were stealing our flock! Meanwhile I could see their flocks going for Sunday worship even walking miles with their Bibles.

That was a moment of revelation that faith comes through the preaching of the word. (Rom. 10: 15)  I had gone to evangelize the people, I was now being evangelized. I decided to do only one thing, to preach the word. I used the Protestant pastors to give an intensive training in the word of God. We went daily with the catechists as a group for two consecutive years, for the ministry of the word.

That was when I experienced a fire within me burning. As the Lord said, the words I have spoken to you have the power to give you the Life giving spirit.  The Lord Jesus told those who believed in his word, now you obey or live it and you will know the truth! The Lord’s commission just before ascension was make them believers and ask them to obey all that he has said: to believe and obey!

When I began to feel a fire within, I once told the Lord, ‘Lord, from now on I will not do anything without seeking your help and power. Just as the Lord said, you start waiting upon his power in doing everything including prayer. That was when I felt as though the spirit attached itself to my heart that you start a continuous dialogue with the Lord, twenty-four seven. The distinction between prayer and activity disappeared. Everything you do becomes an occasion of relying upon the lord and experiencing his presence. Everything becomes the miracles of the Lord.

I like to cook. I once told you how the chicken that I had cooked for my Carmelite friars tasted for them like crab! Thank you Lord!

I like to drive. Waiting for the green light, turning a curve, finding a parking place have all become points of experiencing the presence of the Lord. My heart keeps saying, ‘Thank you Lord,” for everything. I have driven four of five times to California, most of the time alone, but never alone.

To conclude, I had gone after teachers of prayer and masters of mysticism and had never turned to the Lord, to God himself to teach me to pray as the disciples asked. But once I did turn it over to Him, prayer was never the same again. The key is to believe in his words and start living by his simple promises; and to rely upon his power on everything including Prayer.


1 Thessalonians 2: 13